Venomous Rose

We see music as the ultimate expression of a new generation

Our Music is the Essence of our History

Venomous RoseNottingham, UK

Hair metal/Glam rock/Sleaze band from the East Midlands with a sprinkle of Italian flare

Venomous Rose

Venomous Rose are a hair metal/glam/sleaze band from Nottingham & Derby with a hint of Italian flare fronted by Matteo Di Marco! The rest of the band consists of Daniel Griffiths on lead guitar, Josh ‘Wah Wah’ Grainger on drums & Elliott Dryden on bass!

The band was formed in 2019 and despite a little set back due to the dreaded C WORD, burst onto the scene July 2021 with their first ever gig in one of their many hometowns of Nottingham!

Since that day they’ve gone on to play with bands like STOP STOP, New Generation Superstars and even Crazy Lixx & Chez Kane!

They’ve supported some amazing bands and huge names, but they’ve also done their fair share of mega headlines shows as part of their first ever tour – The “Don’t Let It Die Tour”.

Their debut EP “Raise The Flame” was released on Christmas Eve 2021 and has seen fans all over the UK and the world share the love of the songs – they’re are only just getting started though!

Venomous Rose want to stamp their flag of sleaze in place and bring back the best music that has ever been heard of – it’s their mission, it’s their goal, they can’t wait to tackle it with all of you!